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Family Visit to Prague

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I had been waiting for this day for eight months. Counting the days, then the hours. At last, my parents and sister arrived in Prague and I could give each a bear hug. So good to see them! I spent the next week showing them around Prague and Cesky Krumlov, including PMomnDadrague Castle, Strahov Monastery, Wenceslas Square, and Old Town Square. Also, they discovered the adventure of riding on metro trains and trams, and got a crash course in catching trains, getting onto a tram, and navigating a medieval city (few straight streets, especially Old Town). A highlight was showing them the Franciscan Garden downtown, and the wonderful Friends Coffee Shop, some of my favorite places to visit. And of course, introducing them to Czech food such as dumplings, red cabbage, and Prague ham. The red cabbage earned a ‘good stuff’ from my dad, which is high praise indeed:-). And I think my sister has become addicted to dumplings…
There are so many memories that were made on this trip, but a few stand out among the rest. Eating lunch under thJuliatunnele ruined arches of a cathedral, the marks of battles fought hundreds of years ago still etched on the walls. The faces of my family as they first tasted the local food: fresh pear juice, real whipped cream, good red cabbage, meltingly delicious dark chocolate, and Czech beer.  Walking arm in arm with mom along the Charles Bridge in the soft afternoon light, and pointing out the landmarks in the distance: the National Theater, Strelecky Park, the spires of Tyne Church. Watching my dad strike uCK2p a conversation with a Dutch couple from Amsterdam while sitting under the Jan Hus statue. Walking with Julia through the complex of Vysehrad, the original fortress of Prague, and eating fudgesicles while looking down the ancient castle walls at the Vltava River. And wandering through a monastery perched high above the city of Prague, surveying the view from the lookout point, and snapping candid shots of my parents against the rich tapestry of autumn leaves behind their bench.


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