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Mindfulness, or How to find a restaurant in Prague

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I’ve walked along this street many times, hurrying from class to the metro, but never noticed the courtyard that lay just beyond the wide archway. Perhaps the door to this courtyard had been closed during the colder months, or perhaps I had been too busy window shopping to pause and look around. This morning, though, the day was the bright, clear sort of day that makes one take a deep breath and look around. It is these sorts of days, with the bright slanting sunlight falling across the forgotten statues that adorn most buildings in downtown Prague, that make me realize how utterly beautiful this city is. Don’t get me wrong. I consider myself a Seattleite through and through. I miss the grand sweeps of ocean, the mornings of misting rain, the sight of the downtown swathed in clouds, like a gauzy scarf thrown over one’s shoulder against the piercing wind. This city, though, has captured my heart. But I digress.
This morning, the door to the courtyard was open, and a daily menu on a sandwich board listed the delights available. I couldn’t read more than a few words, as it was entirely in Czech, but I have learned that this is a good sign. I wandered it. After a few meters, the alley opened into a charming courtyard, complete with picture book shutters, charmingly curlicued lamps, and a sorbet stand. Sorbet, like alcohol, should not be consumed before noon, so I headed to the other side, where a quirky creperie was located. I quick peek inside revealed an interior decorated with antique furniture, hand-painted porcelain, and an astonishingly diverse collection of bells, strung across each room in several directions. It had been a long morning of classes and errands, and I was frankly starving. I found a seat. After a short discussion in Czech with the waitress, I managed to order tea and a stuffed crepe, which promised to include a poached egg and lots of bacon. Czech bacon, for those who have not tasted the real thing, has the pungency of smoked salmon and the tenderness of marinated steak. It is amazingly good. This crepe turned out to be delicious, and I ate it with the delight that only occurs when extreme hunger is met with a delicious meal. Afterwards, I wandered out again to the busyness of the main street, refreshed and ready to continue with my errands.


Author: annekemae

Enjoys writing, photography, reading mystery, historical fiction, and travelogues, chocolate in any form, and tulips.

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