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Saying Goodbye

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After three days of mist and low-hanging clouds, the sun emerged in all its brilliance. Silver-rimmed clouds stretched across the sky, and several shafts of sunlight lay across the nearest hill. For a morning, my neighborhood was transformed. Light streamed through the tree-lined boulevards, illuminating the water drops still clinging to branches. As the clouds continued to lift, I could look south to the downtown, ringed with low-lying clouds like a fairy city emerging from the mist. This city has a hidden beauty, often masked by the clouds and much-discussed rain. Once in a long while, the sun will emerge to dispel the clouds, flood the streets with luminous light, and show the forgotten beauty of this city.
I have spent this past month saying goodbye for a time to this home, to my family and friends, to my life here. Like the unexpected glory of a sun-filled day, I saw my life here more clearly after I decided to move abroad. I was reminded of the closeness of my ties to friends and family, of the place I occupy in their lives, and how much they in turn have influenced my life. It is not easy to step away from my life here, but I know, with a peace that I have rarely known, that this is the next step. There are a thousand memories that tie me to this place. And I will treasure each one, carrying them with me until I return.


Author: annekemae

Enjoys writing, photography, reading mystery, historical fiction, and travelogues, chocolate in any form, and tulips.

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